Are You Storing Skin Care Products In Your Refrigerator?

The other day I came across a beauty tip that I had not seen before.  It is recommended that you keep your eye cream in the refrigerator.  This, if you think about it, makes sense.  Women swear by putting cool cucumbers or cool washcloth compresses over there eyes to reduce puffiness.  Many eye creams claim they reduce puffiness, so why not further enhance the results of the product by cooling it.  When I had discovered this beauty tip, I posted a question on Facebook asking how likely is it that you would try this tip.  Unanimously, the answer was, yes.  One Facebook buddy also was aware of the benefits in reducing eye puffiness.  Another Facebook friend  informed me that she keeps her facial mist in the refrigerator because it is very refreshing. 

Anti-aging products that contain Vitamin C should be kept in the refrigerator.  Not only does applying it to your face feel soothing, but by keeping it cold, will preserve the Vitamin C to keep it from breaking down.  I have also read that storing your beauty products in the refrigerator reduces the chances of increased bacteria growth.

Now, I fear if I keep my skin care products in my refrigerator, I will forget to use them.  It’s the out of sight out of mind thing for me.  However, did you know that there are manufacturers that actually make Bathroom Refrigerators or as some are called Cosmetic/Medicine Fridges?  What will they think of next?  One Bathroom Refrigerator has one temperature/humidity-controlled compartment for medications and the other, larger compartment, for your skin care products. The manufacturer claims you can choose a setting to match your skin type, oily, dry and normal.  They are even small enough and portable enough to take on trips.  Of course, when I told my husband about this, he gave me a look and said, “I’d rather keep a six-pack in it”. 

Cosmetic/Med Fridge

I don’t think I will go to the extent of purchasing one of the Cosmetic/Medicine Fridges.  However, I think I will need to keep my products near my coffee creamer, where I will see it everyone morning to remind me to use them. 😉  Thoughts?

Bonus Beauty Tip:  For years my mother has been keeping her nail polishes in the refrigerator.  She had heard that the nail polish consistency would stay smooth.  So far, it has worked all these years. 


3 Responses

  1. Great info, Debbie. It does make sense to keep them cool and I can use all the help I can get LOL! Those little fridges are absolutley adorable, don’t think I’ll buy one but they sure are cute. As always, I’ve learned something new from you.

    Have a great weekend


  2. Most people would agree with this, in my opinion the author could not be more right.

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